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Aug 29, 2013 5:00pm PDT
o'reilly. reporting from england. a very controversial statement from the goch of maryland martin o'malley at the king event yesterday. the work of justice is you are jest. did is real. and it is needed will the there be no comfort in our country for the bigotry of cold indifference for there are still too many lives in america taken from us by violence. still too many children in america who go to bed hungry, who go to school hungry. still, too much apathy when the lives of people of color are too often valued less than the lives of white people. >> bill: joining us now from washington with analysis laura ingraham. what do you think o'malley is getting at there? it's a generalized statement but what is his specific point? >> yeah, well, i think implicit in his message, he might have well have named named is that the republican party just doesn't care about minorities. blacks can't get a fair shake in the judicial system and that basically conservatives just don't value black life or black achievement. and what i say to that is, first of all, it's pathetic, it's sad, and it's incredibly di
Aug 4, 2013 12:15pm EDT
not join us in person, but he has videotaped some remarks. after that come i will ask governor o'malley to talk about what is going on in maryland. with that, if we could run governor schneider's via tape, that would be great. michigan governor rick snyder. as we move into the 21st century, the convenience of enhances our lives. at the same time, taxon are so the -- attacks on our safety continue to grow. we are committed to working with the nga and other states to enhance the cybersecurity prost year for everyone. orther it is identity theft those who prey on our children, these threat but sect -- these threats affect all of us. last year in michigan, we had 200 and 94 million spamware -- 294 million spamware. it's important that we are active. michigan is a leader in protecting this vulnerable ecosystem. agencies andnizing revamping site for training -- revamping cyber training programs. and through the michigan cyber range, which tests and improves capabilities, michigan is strengthening cybersecurity. in 2011, we launched with great success are cyber initiative. today, i'm glad to a
Aug 28, 2013 3:00pm PDT
today also. governor martin o'malley, democrat from maryland. and congresswoman marsha fudge, democrat from ohio and the chair of the congressional black caucus. thank you both for coming on tonight. >> thank you. >> thank you for having me. >> governor o'malley, a powerful day, first of all. >> it was tremendous. >> and there is work to do. >> absolutely. and a lot of this work is happening in states and sadly some of the examples are states that are going backwards. but there's other states like my own state of maryland where even in this recession, we've done the things that advance the cause of justice that are also good for creating jobs. we were named by the u.s. chamber number one for innovation and entrepreneurship and we also have the highest minority business goals. highest womens -- number of women-owned firms starting new business. this new cause of creating a stronger class is tied hand in glove with making our society more just and more inclusive. >> that's the kind of things that concern me, congresswoman. is that we had the big march on saturday that you spoke at for us
Aug 29, 2013 12:00am PDT
of our past. that is the promise of tomorrow. governor martin o'malley, democrat from maryland. and congresswoman marsha fudge, democrat from ohio and the chair of the congressional black caucus. thank you both for coming on tonight. >> thank you. >> thank you for having me. >> governor o'malley, a powerful day, first of all. >> it was tremendous. >> and there is work to do. >> absolutely. and a lot of this work is happening in states and sadly some of the examples are states that are going backwards. but there's other states like my own state of maryland where even in this recession, we've done the things that advance the cause of justice that are also good for creating jobs. we were named by the u.s. chamber number one for innovation and entrepreneurship and we also have the highest minority business goals. highest womens -- number of women-owned firms starting new business. this new cause of creating a stronger class is tied hand in glove with making our society more just and more inclusive. >> that's the kind of things that concern me, congresswoman. is that we had the big
Aug 5, 2013 7:00am PDT
candidates registered including senator rubio, vice president biden, governor o'maly and senator paul. o'malley says he is laying out the framework for a run in 2016. and on "meet the press," santorum said he could give it another go. >> i'm open to looking at a presidential race in 2016, but got take alittle ways. we have got elections in 2014. >> rick tyler and also jamaal simmons. good to see you guys. good morning. rick, chris krae on the latest cover of "new york" magazine. he tops this new poll which measures sentiment more than who voters said they would actually vote for. i think what is notable is among republican voters, christie ranks eighth. paul ryan comes out on top when it's republican voters. is this a sign of a divide in the republican party? what do you make of those kinds of numbers? >> the republican party often gets accused of not having a big tent but it seems to me we have more diversion in the republican party than anywhere else. i think we could fill 24/7 with the opinions of the republican party and couldn't fill half a segment with two democrats who disagree on any gi
Aug 22, 2013 6:00pm EDT
to retreat, a victim can be subject to a civil lawsuit or from a prosecution. >> a law signed by martin o'malley in 2010 provide civil immunity from damages when force or deadly force is used under reasonable circumstances. according to an analysis by the 10th of a times, florida's stand your ground law has allowed drug dealers to avoid murder charges again immersed to walk free. the time study the terms of the law has stymied prosecutors and confuse judges. it has exonerated people who claim to be acting in self- defense. >> i think that if you're eliminating the need to retreat first, you probably increase the use of deadly force. you increase death. that is dangerous. >> he concedes the proposal has no chance of getting out of committee. he plans to get into the house floor by offering a commitment to another crime bill. he hopes at least to have a debate. >> right now, a suspect is in custody connecting with the july 17 shooting death of don say stevens in baltimore county. charles jackson junior is charged with first-degree murder. stevens was shot as he was driving early in the morning her
Aug 22, 2013 6:30am EDT
indicate that governor o'malley spoke about the idea pro -- that was originally proposed by comptroller peter francho. a task force is now looking into the idea and o'malley says he hopes to decide in favor of the plan. francho says a longer summer season would really boost tourism and tax revenue for the state of maryland. >>> five schools in baltimore county may soon feel the cool relief of air conditioning. the state board of public works approved almost $12 million for this project. the county executive is asking the council to approve the remaining $17 million. the school is set to get the air conditioning include feather bed, hawthorne, scotts brarchg and wellwood international elementary schools as well as parkville middle school. >>> today two teens involved in a serious car crash are holding a blood drive. it's their way of showing gratitude to those who helped save their lives. josh wilson and brendan wienhold were driving home from a high school basketball game when a pick-up truck ran a stop sign and slammed into their car. wilson sustained major injuries including a broke
Aug 9, 2013 7:00pm EDT
kennedy townsend and mickey steinberg, has a strong working relationship with incumbent governor martin o'malley. and momentum is on his side. >> richard, do you agree? his race to lose? >> yeah, but let's look at substance. i like anthony brown. i met him at the july fourth parade, and i like him, and he's also chosen howard county executive ken ulman to run with and i like ulman. here's the problem. the substantive issues, what had he stand for? does he give you the idea that he's in charge? is there any there there? everybody i meet, and when i taltalk to democrats they say prievment, yeah, he's a nice guy, he seems to be behind the governor currently, but there doesn't seem to be anything there that he stands for. i mean, when you think of anthony brown, what issue comes to mind? what are you thinking -- >> he was here a couple of weeks ago and he is a hundred% hind up with the o'malley record, not trying to separate himself at all in any respect that we could see. >> indeed. and i would note, i would note, richard, that you said, and i quote, i like anthony brown. i would hate to hear your
Aug 19, 2013 5:00pm EDT
governor martin o'malley here to applaud the changes in prince george schools. >> we are counting on you, okay. work hard. >> o'malley says improving the quality of public education starts in your home and in your neighborhood. >> prince george's county has been doing a tremendous job in reducing violent crime and improving public safety and i believe they are poised to make their school system one of the great stories of improved achievement over the next several years >> reporter: starting with a full day of lessons for 360, four-year-olds in the county. >> barn bee manner is one of eight prince george elementary schools offering all day pre-k part of the county's transforming neighborhood's plan. >> making sure they have school supplies and getting the message to participaents. >> we are going to make all the changes necessary to get their children the best education and improve their children's lives. >> that transforming neighborhood's initiative started as a policing effort targeting high crime neighborhoods, includes before and after school programs in the areas and concerted ef
Aug 20, 2013 5:00am EDT
. mark o'malley here to applaudlad the chains. cha >> we love you, and we need you, and we're counting on you. >> o'malley said, im plooferg po the quality of public education, starts in the home, and in your neighborhood.hood >> they have been doing a tremendous job, in reducing violent crime, and improvingmpro public safety, and i believe bee that prince george's county, isi poised to make their school soo system one of the great stories, improved achievement. >> starting with a full day of lessons for 360 4-year olds in the county, and it's andre's first day of pre-k. p >> they get the hand's stuff s that they need.eed. it is one of 8 prince george'se' ella nennery schools, now offering all day pre-k. >> we'll make all the changesess in to say get the best education, and improve their lives. >> all right. rig of course, we continue to sharee your first day pictures, and a this is b, too early to be up.p. i think that's the feeling many students fear. fear. and also heading back to school. this young lady, this is a girlg that is in 5th grade. grade so there you go. a ready to go bac
Aug 5, 2013 5:00pm EDT
graduated 47 students from our fourth annual camp. governor o'malley mentioned the air guard and i think i see the tag of the wisconsin guard over there. ice to see you again. thank you for being here. let's all recognize the tag, please. [applause] thank you. they've been with us several times this weekend. we appreciate that. i was when to turn the conversation in that direction for a moment because heather from the nga health and homeland security information committee will give us an update. governor o'malley mentioned the great work done in maryland and the incredible assets there to leverage something i've learned in delaware as well. heather, it's all yours. >> thank you. as governor o'malley mentioned, in addition to the work of the cybersecurity research center, nga is working through the board of governors to address national cyber security vulnerabilities. a key focus of this work is looking at how the national guard can better be leveraged to meet the needs of both states and the federal government given its unique roles and response abilities. crowley, we know that all levels
Aug 20, 2013 6:00am EDT
al inicio del nuevo ano escolar, el gobernador de maryland martin o'malley visito varias escuelas del condado de prince george, hoy primer dia de clases. con los detalles silvana quiroz.... un inicio de clases con una visita especial en la escuela elemental barnaby manor martin o'malley gobernador "es el primer día de clases y también es el primer día para el nuevo superintendente de las escuelas del condado de prince george" el dr kevin maxwell se encarga desde el 1ro de agosto de las escuelas de este condado, el trabajo 22 anos y medio en este sistema escolar antes de trasladarse al condado de montgomery y ahora fue parte de la comitiva que llego hasta esta escuela para presenciar el trabajo de los niÑos y maestros -ninos- el condado de prince george se ha destacado en los Últimos aÑos por el crecimiento de la comunidad latina es por esta razÓn que los padres piden sandra madre de familia "nosotros quisiéramos mas profesores que hablen español" la superintendente de las escuelas del estado de maryland recomienda lilian lowery superintendente de las escuelas de md "los padre
Aug 18, 2013 3:00pm PDT
as well. if not hillary, who? o'malley,en, martin andrew cuomo, charles klobuchar., amy if elected, i will search. >> the bench is pretty thin. a week is a lifetime in politics. three years is an eternity. i do not know if hillary clinton will run in 2016. >> at one time, we were talking about hillary clinton and rudy giuliani. it never really worked out. find thepossible to republican in town that is downright morose about the result in 2013. and you to start winning the votes back. your reaction? >> i am not morose, i am rather serene. all of this gnashing of teeth, enough. a one-year autopsy is enough. i think the prospects in the midterm elections are excellent. the democrats are scared to death about the implementation of obamacare and how that will hurt them. 2016, who has any idea what it will look like? hillary clinton was inevitable in 2008 as well, wasn't she? >> what if they shut down the government? >> republican will have a big problem. they have a real difficult problem ahead of them. what will they do with this question? they cannot come together on issues that are impo
Aug 15, 2013 4:00am PDT
superintendent of innovation and social justice. [applause] next to richard is nancy o'malley, district attorney for alameda county. she was appointed in 2009 and elected in 2010 and has an amazing background dealing dealing with violence against women and domestic violence, elder abuse, child abuse and threat management. she's a wonderful addition to our panel so thank you nancy. [applause] next to nancy is tony smith who i loved his biobest of all and started he's an oakland resident and parent of students in oakland public schools. he was -- became the superintendent in 2009. he's a local boy including university of california berkeley background where he was captain of the football team and he did not include this in the biobut i know it and he wrote his under graduate thesis on emily dickon son so he's kind of a renaissance dude and he's 6-foot something. next to him is -- [applause] and next to him is george gaston and elect to the district attorney of the city and county of san francisco in 2011 after winning more than 62% of the vote which in san francisco is very enviable and focus
Aug 9, 2013 11:00pm EDT
guys together. >> reporter: governor o'malley and former governor joined hundreds of close friends former teammates and family to remember the great art donovan. the service was open to the public the internment was for close friends and family only. at cathedral of mary our queen, i am jessica car talia. >>> if you would like to see more of the service remembering art donovan, log on the cbs >>> maryland's prison system out of control. a call for action after security leaders failed to warn them about a planned inhale attack. the new -- inmate attack. the newest problem. >> reporter: earlier this week a corrections officer was stabbed several times by an inmate. he later learned prison officials knew he was being targeted but never told him. corrections officers in western maryland rallied for resignation of top prison officials. they say security leaders knew about a threat against two officers but never told them. monday, one of the officers was stabbed in the rib, head and arms by an inmate serving life. it was the 15th attack in just 30 days. >> you just have a
FOX News
Aug 8, 2013 1:00am PDT
like martin o'malley of maryland. popular guy young and charismatic not my favorite. if you are a democrat, martin o'malley and cuomo. they will hang back and wait. >> cuomo will definitely wait. he won't run unless she doesn't run. other people may run to set themselves up for a future run, perhaps. a lot of donors are probably going to sit it out because why give money to somebody else when hillary is almost definitely going to get the nomination. >> laura: reacting to this putin cancellation, the meeting between obama and putin. obama after leno. at least he didn't break it on leno. i guess the white house press corps. no to the meeting. is that a tacet admission know that the hillary started reset really just fizzled out in our relationship with russia. snowden and everything else that's happened. gone nowhere. sorrowed. >> i think the snowden thing is probably the biggest problem, right? when you have reset the tone. >> when you have the united states specifically saying don't do this and they choose to do it. they have crossed a line, i think, that there has to be some
Aug 4, 2013 5:00am PDT
's not joe biden, is it andrew cuomo, martin o'malley? i'm not sure there's a huge bench right now for democrats. >> i think the bench for this race is people like andrew cuomo, but he has to wait until his race for governor is over before he can send any real signals. >> he's barely -- have people in new york even heard this guy speak? such a very quiet media strategy and i guess it's helped him in terms of his pop layer but do people know anything about him? we're talking about him as a top-tier presidential candidate. it's amazing to me. >> it's been a while since he was to new hampshire. the last time he was there when he campaigned for al gore. martin o'malley just yesterday sent signals as he gets ready to lead the democratic governors association, he said he would help candidates in new hampshire and iowa. that's a strong signal he's serious. joe biden continues to cultivate his relationships. look, nobody has the kind of relationships in new hampshire that the clintons and joe biden have. i mean, they come in with a huge advantage to be able to put together a campaign. but
Aug 9, 2013 6:00am PDT
because she's so strong. >> would you tell martin o'malley if they asked you your advice, is it worth doing it, is it worth trying the uphill battle that it's going to be. you found yourself in that situation, tougher to raise money, tough to get people, because they all jumped on one of the two front-runners in the race that you were involved in. >> yeah, i would say go for it. i'm different than other people. i would say to the o'malleys, to joe, cuomo, others contemplating it, out west and montana, my friend brian i think is a viable candidate. i would say, you know, dip your toe in. don't -- never say never. but, you know, do some polling. do some travel. iowa and new hampshire is so important because they're so early. if she gets in, obviously, she is an immediately strong front-runner. probably the strongest front-runner we've ever seen moving early in a presidential race. but if she doesn't go, it's all holds barred. my prediction, it's about 110% she will go. >> are you on the ban wagon? we got claire mccaskill going to iowa today to promote an event for hillary clinton. are y
Aug 19, 2013 2:00pm PDT
rubio, scott walker, you know, that's -- martin o'malley. joe biden. there's a story in "the wall street journal" today joe biden says he might run regardless. this is a huge process. i compare it to an iceberg. the little part your average voter sees above the water, there's a giants formation below the water that's all of the stuff we're talking about now. so look, you cover it if there's news. she is acting in political ways on a political landscape. i think we all need to write about that. >> amy, what's the first year you can run for class president? is it high school, freshman year? these guys and women show their hand that day, 13 years old. hillary clinton was the star of her graduating class at wellesley. no doubt about it from the beginning before she met this guy named bill from arkansas she had her eye on the prize. this is something that comes with the territory. usually the guys but here we have a woman. i think the woman's movement behind hillary is bigger than her. i think the reason she will run and maybe win is the power of women my age who want her to be president. it'
Aug 28, 2013 9:00am PDT
. >> maryland governor martin o'malley is speaking now. >> it's not rooted in nostalgia or memory, it's rooted in something far deeper. it's rooted in the calling of conscience to action. actions that protect every individual's right to vote. action that safe guards and keeps guns out of the hands of violent offenders. action that makes quality education and the opportunity of college a reality for more families. action that protects the dignity of every child's home with civil marriage equality. action that strengthens our country with the hopes and dreams and hard work of our newest generation of new american immigrants. action that abolishes the death penalty and improves public safety in every neighborhood regardless of income or color. actions that create jobs and raises the minimum wage for every mom and dad that's willing to work hard and play by the rules. yes, thanks to dr. king america's best days are still ahead of us. love remains the strongest power in our country. forward we shall walk hand-in-hand and in this great work we are not afraid. thank you. >>> that was maryland governo
Aug 29, 2013 5:00pm PDT
, former presidents bill clinton and jimmy carter, congressman john lewis, and governor martin o'malley, among many others. interestingly, those politicians all have one thing in common -- they're all democrats. in fact, no elected republicans spoke at the historical event at all. that does not mean they were not invited. former naacp chairman julian bond told them -- nbc that they invited a long list of republicans, but each declined. the grubby house john boehner and majority leader eric cantor were some of the most prominent republicans -- speaker of the house john boehner and majority leader eric cantor were some of the most prominent republicans invited. former presidents bush senior and junior declined due to health reasons. the anniversary of the event on right-leaning fox was interesting. this was the topic of conversation used -- it reads " 50 years after march on washington, some see rock music as a problem. now for our weekly tech report, the latest news on technology on all things digital. today we are talking about facebook. the social media behemoth saw its value climb ove
Aug 5, 2013 2:00am PDT
's biggest supporter jim deemers who over the weekend endorsed hillary clinton. maryland governor martin o'malley admits he's laying the fraechl work for the 2016 presidential run. meanwhile, on the republican side, a failed 2012 candidate says he might be willing to give it another shot. >> i'm open to looking at a presidential race in 2016. got a little ways, we have elections in 2014. >>> the blame game over failed gun control took an interesting turn over the weekend. vermont senator patrick leahy says tv ads by mayor michael bloomberg turned people off to new reforms. that's going to do it for your morning dish of scrambled politics. >>> heavy rain in central kansas caused widespread flashed flooding. an assisted living facility and hundreds of other residents had been evacuated. a flash flood warning sish used through monday morning. now for a look another the weather, here is nbc meteorologist dylan dreyer. all that water, is it going to continue? >> they're going to get more rain. the flash flood warnings are in effect for today. it only takes two feet of water to sweep a car away. that's
Aug 11, 2013 10:00am PDT
. but prominent boston cardinal, sean o'malley, defended the pope. saying the emphasis on loving compassion provides the context for the church's stand against abortion. he said quote, we oppose abortion, not because we're mean and old-fashioned, but because we love people and that is what we must show the world. we have a report today on the ethics of genome sequencing. finding out a child's entire genetic makeup. that could reveal defects that might cause disease or disabilities later in life. but should doctors tell parents everything they find out? would parents even want to know? lucky severson has our story. >> this is liam, everybody likes liam. hard not to, that smile under the hat, he never takes off. and this is his loving mom, kathleen, who knew from the beginning that something was terribly wrong with liam. >> i knew something was wrong. because the breathing, he couldn't eat at the same time. he couldn't drink and breathe at the same time. >> liam is 12. this is his twin brother, joseph, who is about twice as big as liam. from day one, his mother was desperate to find out exact
Aug 16, 2013 7:30pm PDT
to be honest. >> who all is there? >> joe biden, maybe andrew cuomo, talking about martin o'malley, governor of maryland. who you say? that's pretty much the situation. hilary is the star player -- >> on the republican side? >> republican side -- >> the marital is a mess. >> marco rubio, jeb bush. not too soon for another bush to come back even though his mother said it may be. i mean it's going to be an interesting race all the way around. hilary is dominating this race and the spotlight will be on her. >> how much of a difference either way do you think her stint as secretary of state has made. on one hand it kept her in the limelight but out of the nastiest -- >> i think it's huge but the republicans are already talking about how they are is going to attack her on benghazi. that's -- they are already going for that and the looking at her record. however it's made her much more popular with americans as a whole and giving her the kind of credentials that no one else in this race has. >> is she better liked now? >> yeah. you saw that reception in san francisco. this was a rock star receptio
Aug 9, 2013 5:00pm EDT
are on the rise. they rose 15% from 2011-20 12. today, governor o'malley is attending a roundtable discussion to discuss the issue. experts believe that the rise in deaths is attributable to a 54% jump in heroin deaths. malaria is one of the most instructive diseases in the world, killing about 2 million people per year. a child dies of malaria every 60 seconds in africa. researchers say they have successfully tested an experimental vaccine for malaria. more than three dozen volunteers tested the vaccine. although the results are exciting, researchers say the vaccine is a long way from broad use. this is certainly the time of if you are stepping outside, you are lucky if a mosquito does not find you immediately. but you might be a mosquito magnet, for real. has a list ofn what mosquitoes find attractive. drinking beer, exercise because of the lactic acid, pregnancy, and even your blood type. >> if you have type o lead, you are probably more likely to get bit then if you have type -- than if you have type a. another good tip, plug-in an -- ifating fan if used it you sit outside. weak fliers.e
Aug 8, 2013 6:30am EDT
with u.s. senate candidate cory booker at several events happening today in new jersey. o'malley and booker start the day meeting with senior citizens in trenton. they also will attend a barbecue in patterson and a bus tour kickoff in newark. the democratic governor endorsed the newark mayor's senate candidacy back in june. a primary election will be held on tuesday for the seat that was held by senator frank lautenberg until his death which also happened in june. >>> handling crimes involving youth offenders is is different than crimes involving adults. that's why the maryland general assembly has created a task force on juvenile court jurisdiction. they're meeting on this today and it's to begin it looking at laws dealing with young criminals, including how to reduce the number of kids in adult detention centers and pretty muchs. a final report is due in december. >>> the first call center to help and learn more about healthcare reform has opened up in our state. from now until september 30th, the center will help you with the general questions you may have about health cover
Aug 22, 2013 4:30am EDT
's campaign to have school start later after labor day. and according to published reports, governor martin o'malley is in favor of the idea but won't take action until a task force submits its final report. that report is not due until next year and french says a longer summer would help boost the state's economy. >>> baltimore county executive is asking the county council for $17.2 million. he says the supplement budget is needed to fund air conditioning at five county schools. yesterday the state board of public works approved $11.7 million for air conditioning for county schools. and since 2007 the county has installed a.c. systems in more than 40 of its county schools. >>> he led egypt for 30 years, coming up hosni mubarak could be released from prison as early as today, but where will he go, and how this could affect his badly divided country. >>> also this morning, a family outing turns into a tragic night for a 5-year-old. we'll tell you how his parents will keep his memory alive. >>reporter: good morning, i'm mike massco. cold spring looking god this morning, the commute an easy one. we
Aug 22, 2013 5:00am EDT
, governor o'malley is in favor of the idea but will not take action until a task force submits its final report next year. french says a longer summer would help boost the state's economy. >>> defending super bowl champs baltimore ravens take the field at m and t bank stadium tonight again. this is preseason game number three. it's one where the starters usually play a bit longer and they face the carolina panthers. espn, 8:00 p.m. start. now, what we've known from the ravens recently is that the starters have played, they struggled from time to time, but overall the ravens are 2-0 so far in the preseason. >>> so from football to baseball now, a perfect snapshot of the orioles, it's a photo of adam jones delivering a blast last night to help the birds avoid the sweep. this is exactly what they needed. the photo is the courtesy of the tampa bay times. the o's won game three to avoid that sweep, 4-2 your final score. that was jones in action right there, his 26th shot of the year, but not to be outdone, chris davis answered with his major league-leading 46th home run on the night. that's
Aug 11, 2013 10:00am EDT
the field. >> i don't think so. martin o'malley made noise he's interested, joe biden, and kristen gillibrand, elizabeth warren, a lot of buzz, and governor cuomo from new york. a lot of talk. and let me not forgot joe biden. he will call me this afternoon and remind me. it's too early to handicap the race, if hillary clinton gets into the race, there will be a coronation of her because there are so many democrats who last time around supported her, who i think are anxious to see her out there again. >> i read your brother, mayor of san antonio, heading to iowa as well. you accompanying him? >> he's not running for anything. he's headed out to the harkin steak fry in september. >> a lot of tilling of the ground. let me bring this back to you, congressman, because it seems there's a brewing potential civil war inside the republican party. you heard sarah palin last night said she was on the team of rand paul versus chris christie. >> there's a lot of competition out there. with regard to the democratic side, i seem to remember in 2007, this was hillary's nomination. obama may run ju
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